Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
This protest has been cancelled because the missile launch was cancelled 

FLASH!  ICBM  (delivery system for nuclear weapons) launch set for Vandenberg AFB in the early hours of  November 18 (cost $21 million). Why, when President Obama has told the world the USA will take the lead in negotiating global abolition of nuclear weapons, is the military still upgrading and testing our Minute Man III nuclear weapons delivery vehicles? How is this going to persuade China, North Korea, Pakistan, India and Israel to join in ensuring a nuclear free future?


This protest has been cancelled because the missile launch was cancelled peace protest will start at the front gate Nov 17 at 11:55 pm  (midnight) six miles north of Lompoc on Highway One in Santa Barbara County CA
  (across from Vandenberg Middle school, use the school for mapquest directions)
    for details see  www.vandenbergwitness.org or call 831 206 5043 or email macgregoreddy@gmail.com
Sponsored by the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
endorsed by Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, War Resister's League, Tri Valley Cares, Nevada Desert Experience, Western States Legal Foundation, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power is Space and others. 
Let's Continue Campaigning for a Nuclear Free Future
(Priority Focus of the DISARM! Dismantle the War Economy Issue Committee
January 2009 through May 2010)
 For the record:  Reuters news story and video clips on President Obama at the UN September 23-24. (We now have promises to build on, but much work to do!)
Resources for:
  1. Supporting Ban Ki Moon's 100 day WMD campaign (We Must Disarm) calling for abolition of Nuclear Weapons as the crucial first step
  2. Preparing for September 21 International Day of Peace with the emphasis, as Ban Ki Moon requests, on eliminating nuclear weapons
  3. Holding President Obama to his April Prague promises, who on September 24 chairs the Security Council discussion on nuclear weapons abolition, to his promises made last April in Prague.
  4. Building support in our communities for abolition now, in our lifetimes.Yes we can! (Including use of WILPF petition campaigns, and projects for Proposition One, Nuclear Disarmament Day and stopping Minute Man III nuclear missile tests.)
  5. Stopping the Nuclear Power Renaissance before it begins
  6. Working with WILPF Reaching Critical Will, our NGO partners (Alliance for Nuclear Accountability and United for Peace and Justice) and friends
  7. and a recap of the WILPF Nuclear Free Future campaign from January through August Nuclear Free Future month
Click here for details on Campaigning for a Nuclear Free Future


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