Disarmament and abolition of war itself has been a major goal of WILPF since its inception 96 years ago. Over the decades we have been involved in many anti-war and anti-weapons campaigns, as well as in building the institutions of peace and international law.

The DISARM! Dismantle the War Economy Committee is currently emphasizing its NUCLEAR FREE FUTURE project. The current committee has evolved from the six year DISARM! Dismantle the War Economy Campaign during 1999-2005. We continue to emphasize our EYE on Congress, the Mil-CORP ConneXion Manual and ABOLITION (of nuclear weapons, all weapons and war itself) developed during that Campaign. During the 2006-2009 cycle we added an emphasis on making the U.S. Budget compatible with the goals of the U.N. disarmament and human rights treaties. Any WILPF member may join the DISARM! committee. Share ideas, help develop projects on issues of most concern to you and participate in DISARM! projects at the local, national and/or international levels. Contact the chair and co-chairs at  nffchairs@wilpf.org .

The current DISARM committee Leadership Team consists of the following members:

Ellen Barfield (Baltimore, MD Branch) was co-chair of the committee from 2001 until September 2007. She represents WILPF on the Nuclear Weapons Working Group in Washington D.C. and joins in WILPF lobbying efforts in Congress.  She often attends meetings of Reaching Critical Will and Abolition 2000 in New York. Ellen ( and Jean Verthein) represented WILPF in Geneva, along with the Advancing Human Rights Committee, when the U.S. government delegation reported to The Commission on the Rights of the Child re compliance with the Child Soldier Protocol. Ellen has also represented DISARM! at planning sessions of the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (ANA). This April she joined the WILPF delegation during ANA lobby days in Washington D.C. In May she participated  in the WILPF sponsored seminar at the United Nations Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Prep Com. She is on the National Boards of Veterans for Peace (VFP) , War Resisters League and School of the Americas Watch and helps keep us informed of their creative non-violence  projects. She has made several trips to Palestine, Israel and Iraq for  VFP and Voices in the Wilderness. Ellen is also a former WILPF Board member.

Pat Birnie (Tucson, AZ Branch) of Raging Grannies fame is one of the original Campaign members. She is facilitator of the Mil-Corp ConneXion project and has been primarily responsible for pulling together the Mil-Corp Manual, still available in its 2006 hard cover edition. Copies have been sent to all Branches. Most pages are available on the web at http://www.wilpf.org/MCX  although more recent updates have not yet been posted there. While there is still useful material there the entire manual needs updating to be more useful during the 2008-2011 program cycle. Pat is particularly concerned about military toxics and produced our national and international WILPF statements on Depleted Uranium.

MacGregor Eddy (Monterey County CA Branch) is a registered nurse and a determined activist and organizer at Vandenberg Air Force Base. She is our lead person for Space issues in the ABOLITION project. In 2006 she produced our WILPF-Global Network video A Space for Peace that was distributed to all Branches and can be freely reproduced and used for local TV, etc. An updated version is now available from Global Network  for $15.00.  MacGregor is on the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space Advisory Board, and is our liaison to that group (of which WILPF is a member). She is also a DISARM! Team liaison on the United for Peace and Justice Nuclear Abolition and Human Security Working Group led by WILPF member Jackie Cabasso.

Claire Gosselin (Boston, MA Branch), a university librarian,  joined WILPF in 2003 and the DISARM! leadership team in 2004. She now serves as  Chair of the national DISARM! Leadership Team. She and her two co-chairs are now coordinating the Nuclear Free Future Campaign. Claire initiated the Boston DISARM committee which studied the Mil-Corp Manual and took action  by working to stop the Boston University BSL-IV top security research lab. Eight Boston DISARM! committee members joined in ANA D.C. Days and two came to the NPT Prep Com.  Claire was chief organizer for both events this spring. In 2007 Claire served as one of five U.S. WILPF voting delegates to the WILPF international Congress in Bolivia. Claire and her co-chairs can be reached at nffchairs@wilpf.org .

Margaret Harrington Tamulonis (Burlington, VT Branch) joined WILPF in Burlington, Vermont in February, 2008 and immediately made her focus nuclear disarmament. She contacted Carol Urner and joined the DISARM! Leadership Committee in March. Burlington WILPF initiated the petition to Congress for a national Nuclear Disarmament Day to be observed on August 6. Margaret has worked as a writer, teacher, and theater professional and joined the Peace Movement in the mid-1960s working with Dorothy Day at the Catholic Worker in NYC. She organized the northern Vermont Enosburg Falls Peace Convention on March 25, 2006 and is currently most interested in communicating DISARM efforts to the general public. She has a TV program in Burlington where she interviews leaders like Helen Caldicott in efforts to ensure a Nuclear Free Future. Margaret attended ANA D.C. lobby days in April. She can be reached at nffchairs@wilpf.org

Yoshiko Ikuta (Cleveland, OH Branch) was the original chair of the DISARM Campaign when it was formed and continued to mentor succeeding co-chairs during the latter period of the six year campaign. In 2005 she became DISARM's liaison with the Save the Water Campaign and currently is co-chair of the newly formed Iraq / Iran/Afghanistan Issue Committee. Yoshiko also has a special concern for Pacific Rim issues. She helps the committee contact Marshall Islanders who still suffer results of past nuclear weapons tests and now also have their lands confiscated for missile defense testing. In addition she is our best liaison with the Japanese WILPF section. Yoshiko  formerly served on the US WILPF Board.

Elisabeth Leonard (Swarthmore-Delco Group, PA) Joined our DISARM leadership team in late 2007, but has been a WILPF member for forty years and was long active in the Boston Branch on disarmament and peace and justice issues. There, as co-chair for five years, one of her main endeavors was to create connections with the various Peace and Justice Groups in Boston (UJP, Code Pink, the Raging Grannies and Stop the Wars.) She continues to create alliances in Philadelphia. Currently her focus is the ecoomics of disarmament, and she is the DISARM! liaison to the new UFPJ working group on dismantling the war economy. Elizabeth attended the ANA lobby training when DISARM! participated in ANA D.D. Days this April.

Shirley Lin Kinoshita (San Jose, CA) a WILPF member since 1989,  founded the  San Jose Raging Granny gaggle in 2005. She  joined the DISARM team in 2008. Shirley is currently working on collaborations with San Francisco Bay area peace activists. Her anti-war and human rights views were shaped when a grad student at U.C. Berkeley during the 1964-9 Student Revolution and Free Speech Movement. She brings both graphic and song writing talents to the team and a concern for projects and resources useful to local WILPF Branches like her own lively one in San Jose.

Yvonne Logan (St Louis, Missouri) is a past President and one of the original members of the DISARM team. She helps Val Mullen with EYE on Congress follow-up. She has a special concern for women's budget and economic conversion issues. She is currently chair of the St. Louis Branch, and has done much to bring major peace and justice organizations there under one roof, and working in close cooperation with one another. Yvonne became a WILPF member over 50 years ago and has long worked on disarmament issues. The DISARM! Leadership Team much appreciates her wisdom, guidance and support.

Val Mullen (Montpelier, Vermont Branch) One of the original Disarm team members, Val with Gillian Gilhool started the Eye on Congress alerts. She continues to send out EYE on Congress DISARM Alerts! to subscribing Branches and individuals. To become an Eye legislative contact  please send an email to vmullen@together.net . Val is another long-time WILPF member. She, Yvonne Logan and Carol Urner were all present at the 50th anniversary WILPF Congress in the Hague in 1965. Now WILPF looks forward to its 100th anniversary and another Congress at the Hague, where WILPF had its beginnings in 2015. May there be much to celebrate!

Linda Richards (Ashland Oregon Branch), formerly a DISARM! team co-chair,  is now working on her PhD at Oregon State University in Corvallis. She is researching the letters of the Paulings, both of whom were WILPF members. Linus Pauling, an Oregonian, won the Nobel Peace Prize. A child of a Vietnam Veteran, Linda walked across the country with the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament in 1986. She has been educating the public about nuclearism (the addiction to nuclear superiority despite the consequences) for over 20 years. In 2008 Linda received "Peacemaker of the Year Award" for the twenty year volunteerism to promote nuclear education in her community and for facilitation of the annual Southern Oregon Hiroshima Nagasaki vigil since 1987. Linda also won highest honors as a graduate student at the University of Oregon in Ashland. She believes that indigenous voices are essential to the success of nuclear abolition. In March 2007 she attended the international Global Network conference and demonstrations in Darmstadt, Germany for WILPF. Her picture and an interview were featured in the European edition of Stars and Stripes. The DISARM team suspects that very empathetic article contributed to the closure of the U.S. spy base in Darmstadt a year later.

Jeanmarie Simpson (Tuscon, Arizona Branch) is the newest member of our DISARM! Leadership Team. She says she wants to focus on dismantling the war economy. Jeanmarie is known best to many in WILPF  for her performances in A Single Woman.  She wrote, directed, and then performed in this play off Broadway and around the country 263 times. In the play she becomes  Jeannette Rankin, WILPF member and first woman to serve in the U.S. Congress. In 2008 she also starred in a film version. Jeanmarie is a writer, director, actress and founding artistic director of the Nevada Shakespeare Company. She is currentl working on a new solo work, Some Like it Hot, based on the book  Powder: Writings by Women in the Ranks, from Vietnam to Iraq. The production is now scheduled to open in San Francisco in September, 2009. Before then Jeanmarie hopes to present it in Veterans Hospitals around the country.

Ellen Thomas (Washington D.C. Branch) Ellen joined our Leadership Team in November of 2007 and is now a DISARM! co-chair.  Ellen is a long time campaigner for abolition of nuclear weapons. For eighteen years she was one of a group maintaining a 24 hour vigil calling for abolition of nuclear weapons. The vigil, located just across from the White House, still continues with Ellen's support. Now, however, she spends much of her time managing two active e-lists on nuclear weapons: one that gives daily links to news stories on nuclear issues, and the other doing the same for radiation issues. For the past decade she has been the most active promoter of Proposition One, originally (1992) an initiative of D.C. voters calling for abolition of nuclear weapons and transfer of funding to projects in human rights and human welfare. Ellen helped draft the legislation which D.C. Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton now introduces in each session of Congress which seeks to make these goals national policy (currently H R 1826). Ellen participated in DISARM! planning meetings during ANA D.C. Days, and also presented at the WILPF seminar at the NPT Prep Com on May 4. In June she and WILPF member Jay Marks launched their four month trip to visit all U.S. states which allow voter initiatives and/or referendums. WILPF DISARM! and the D.C. WILPF Branch both endorse this Proposition One Road Show to stimulate similar local initiatives  across the country.

Carol Reilley Urner (Portland OR and Los Angeles CA Branches)  served as a DISARM co-chair  2002 - 2008. She was primarily responsible for the ABOLITION project, but assisted with Mil-CORP and EYE on Congress as needed. She also served for DISARM! on Bite the Bullet, Peace Economy Project, No Foreign Bases and UFPJ Nuclear Weapons Abolition committees. She is now serving on the US WILPF Board as Program Co-Chair but is still active with DISARM!  (where she says her heart is) as a co-chair emeritus and manager of the DISARM UPDATE website. Carol was one of the five U.S. Section delegates to the 2007 WILPF Congress in Bolivia, and a delegate to the 2004 WILPF Congress in Sweden. She has facilitated or participated as a panelist in WILPF side events at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (2006), the Sixth Review Conference of the Bioweapons Treaty (2006), and both the 2005 Review Conference and the 2004 Prep com for the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. Carol helped resurrect the Portland, Oregon Branch in 1963 and served as its President from 1965-66. From 1966 to 2001 she and her family lived and worked in developing countries. She has again become an active (life) member since her return to the U.S. in 2001.

 Jean Verthein (New York Metro Branch) is one of two U.S. WILPF representatives to the United Nations in New York. She is also an active member of the DISARM Team. She serves as liaison with the WILPF Reaching Critical Will staff working on disarmament issues at the United Nations. Jean represents DISARM! and WILPF at many UN meetings and at various NGO gatherings in New York relevant to disarmament issues.  She has a special interest in counter recruitment and in 2008 she and Ellen Barfield represented DISARM! in Geneva, along with the Advancing Human Rights Committee, when the U.S. government delegation reported to The Commission on the Rights of the Child re compliance with the Child Soldier Protocol. She is also now the DISARM! contact person for WILPF members and Branches becoming active in exposing and opposing the so called "Nuclear Power Renaissance."  In 2009 she attended both ANA D.C. lobby days and teh NPT Prep Com for the DISARM! NUclear Free Future Campaign. In her busy professional life Jean counsels disabled  students at two New York City universities.